Something Awful's "Fuck You and Die" forum went from freewheeling jokesters to Nazi shitposters, so it's dead

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As if we needed more proof / evidence that the Internet is a shit filled wasteland.

So say I.


I’m sure all the nice young men who were just playacting at being naughty Nazis will all take this as a wake-up call to be more thoughtful in their interactions and re-consider whether their online interactions may be fostering unhealthy patterns of toxicity under the guise of humor that may be difficult to separate from their genuine outlook some day. I wouldn’t be surprised if this led to a lot of positive life changes for these guys.

Goodbye Kekistan flag and hello business communication class at the local community college!


Aw. This is why we can’t have nice things. Good on Lowtax for cutting off the arm before the infection spread further.

I haven’t been to SA in over a decade (and a half???), but it used to have some good luls.

Remember Cliff Yablonski?

Ahh - it was a simpler time back then…

Although one gripe, back in the day if you linked to one of their images from another site, i.e. you post an image link into another forum, it gave you a GIANT pic of the tip of a cock with cum dribbling out of it. The week they did that, holy shit, I had so many bans on the paintball forum I ran that had about 10K members (about 1500 active daily) before I figured out WTF was going on and blocked all images from that site. It was a colorful week.




I was on SA forums early 2000s and vividly remember how fucked up the FYAD forum was.

I can only imagine how much worse it must have got if it took this long for Lowtax to close it. Yikes…


Imagine paying real money to shitpost. Of course it was filled with Nazis, who else is that gullible?


Having spent some time at the SA forums back in the day, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Place was always loaded with trolls, shit posters and low grade “its just jokes, don’t censor me bro” bigotry. Its one of those places where that shit started, and almost all such places have curdled into Nazi havens. And the site itself published some pretty nasty shit early on (though some of the responsible writers have appologized and unpacked). Kyanka should have pushed back on that shit long ago.

I don’t know that “irreverent jokesters” is my immediate association with that site, whatever fond feels some might have about the early web.

I also know some one who wrote for them for a long time, and was involved with their clique in the comedy scene. His reputation seems to have suffered just from the association. And getting involved with their circle jerky spats with other early internets comedy personalities (specifically Maddox) pretty much ruined his life. It cost him his job, a lot of his connections and opportunities in comedy, a couple years of his life. Last I checked in with him he’s deeply in debt thanks to legal fees, unemployed and without insurance he badly needs for a chronic medical condition.

I don’t have a ton of regard for anything to do with Something Awful these days.


This takes me back 20 years to running a forum where people would routinely post things they found on Something Awful.
The waiting for a horrible picture to finally resolve on the screen, and wow! that really was something awful. Oh the good old days of dialup and shock.




Remember “Life, the Universe, and Everything” on GameFAQs? Never visited there myself, but it was infamous back in the day.

Seems like when you give people an unmoderated subforum where anything goes, some people will start behaving badly. Who would ever expect it?

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Count me as another Goon who hasn’t been on SA for a while.

FYAD was always close to the knuckle, but it had at least some awareness of lines when the banhammer got used. Good on Lowtax for killing it.

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So… you mean to tell me that the encouragement/facilitation of negative behavior and general bad energy which was amplified by an amoral website only metastasized and steadily grew even more malignant?

Color me shocked.


I actually still regularly post on SA, but it’s mostly limited to threads for specific games and I haven’t explored GBS or any of the other bigger forums in a long time. In a weird way, the registration fee kind of kept SA slightly less shitty than other places because anonymity came at an actual cost, although it ended up selecting for really dedicated trolls who were willing to drop 10 bux a bunch to re-register.

FYAD has always been like, three levels of irony deeper than I was willing to understand, and the fact that they poe’s law’d themselves into actual nazis does not surprise me even a tiny, tiny bit. Glad Lowtax shut the shit down.


I haven’t been around the SA forums since 2003. I’d even forgotten it existed until this post came up. I used to get involved in childish photoshop wars with some of the gentlemen there until I realized that wasn’t how I wanted to be spending my life, and I walked away without looking back.

On the one hand, it’s nice to see an owner of a popular social site do something definitive to try to enforce standards, even if it means shutting it down (ahem, Zuckerberg_nudge nudge_).

On the other hand, it sounds like there are going to be a lot of Nazi shits in search of a new place to land. Fun stuff.


honestly, the place was always aptly named as being something awful.

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I sometimes think back when I learned about Godwin’s law and hoped that that wasn’t a sign of us thinking that we could normalize NAZI-talk.

I thought that the thought was crazy.


Kyanka doesn’t regret the decision and he’s used to dealing with drama. “The internet is just full of so many sites with Nazis in them. I would like to stay as one of the few remaining communities that do not have Nazis in it.”

I don’t think we have Nazis here either, from what I can tell. I do think we used to.

Another fantastic feature of this place is mods who accept help from users with ferreting out such shitheads.


The road to hell is paved by edgelords.


Unfortunately I bet it’s a reflection of the human inner soul at large.

…so you’re probably right on target there.

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