Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer

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The studio also did a total nostalgia play for the movie poster


I remember buying this game for my 12th birthday (with my birthday cash, natch!) and absolutely freaking out at the cash register, having a copy of what was sure to be an amazing game in my hands. This cover image is burned in my memory. I was right to be excited; Sonic 2 is a classic side-scroller that I still play occasionally today.

I’m looking forward to this film. It will be what it will be, but the first one was way better than I’d hoped for and by all appearances, this team knows how to handle Sonic properly.


I can’t wait to not see this!


Well, I probably just watched most of the movie, so I’m good now. Not sure why people are so excited, either, it looks pretty bog standard video game movie, but more power to them if this excites them.

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The fact that they used “oh great, the winter soldier” twice within a 2 minutes trailer indeed points towards that we have now seen most of the movie :joy:

Personally, I’ll wait for the butt hole version.

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I can only say that I got the same feeling from the trailer for the first movie (post CG fixes), and still enjoyed it. Not a masterpiece, but certainly about as good as a movie based on a 16-bit video game can be.

Technically, it’s only in the trailer once, it’s just pre-previewed in the idiotic pre-trailer thing they’re doing on the interwebs these days. Like, if that 5-second dopamine-trigger wasn’t there, people would click right past the new Sonic trailer. Ugh.


Oha! OK, that makes more sense… Thanks! I didn’t get that that’s what they are doing.

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