Sony pirated K-pop anthem in The Interview




Wait, I thought they opposed piracy, and even fair use?


I think the only solution is to sue them for more money than exists in the world


I think that when they come up with a figure for damages, they should count illegal downloads as “copies produced”.


So… computers and music… Did anyone else think these were two of Sony’s strong points before this week?

I mean, where-ever could Sony find a Korean Pop song??



Wait, so now SOUTH Korea is mad at The Interview? Wow, they may actually have accomplished something historic, getting both Koreas to agree on something for the first time since the 50’s.


Many South Korean do not really care


Many South Koreans are not interested in this movie
honestly… do not care…
This is reality…


[quote=“CaptainPedge, post:3, topic:48872, full:true”]
I think the only solution is to sue them for more money than exists in the world
[/quote]Unfortunately, even if you win, they’ll only <A HREF=>pay in used CDs.


While I expect that Sony’s litigation pockets are deep, does all this litigation spell the end for Sony? What size of loss can a company of their size handle?


Sony can blame North Korea for adding the song to the movie without permission.


Copyright laws are for little people, not big corporations. Any experienced artist will tell you that. Ask photographers who are ripped off by newspapers and magazines, musicians whose tracks are re-released in illegal compilations, directors whose movies are re-cut without their involvement, and so on…


I might be confused, and it matters not, but it seems to me that the (allegedly) pirated song is called “Pay Day” not “Touch Love”.


just created a new account to make sure we knew how irrelevant it is? Mixed messages!


The Interview is just a gift that keeps on giving. It has to be the funniest movie I’ve never seen.


When you are employed to astroturf, it is really no effort :smiley:


I only regret that I have but one like to give for your comment. :smiley:


The basis for peace is mutual understanding.


I was impressed that all of South Korea deigned to talk to us.


Actually, South Korea and North Korea have reached agreements on a number of things before. Things were looking relatively relaxed and peaceful, with regular summit talks of high ranking politicians, cooperative economic projects and family reunions. All of that came to an end of course when Bush decided that North Korea was now part of the Axis of Evil™.

I am quite sure there wouldn´t be a split Korea today if it weren´t for the United States and China.