Sony RX100 III a "pocket full of miracles"




I’ve had mine now for nearly three months.

  • It’s great in low light
  • I’m surprised how frustrating the limited zoom has been when videoing (I’ve turned on the digital zoom)
  • The 60 fps is great, but I don’t have the software to edit it. I’ve gone back to mp4s.
  • The viewfinder is much more useful than I imagined it would be.


How you can get by without a viewfinder, I don’t even…


Yes. But I have Leica Lust.

It’s not like me at all. But the images are so very nice.


Hold your camera and/or iPad at arm’s length…


I have the Sony RX100 II and love it!
Cannot imagine how they made it any better. The 50Mbps video is a wonderful plus.
But still the RX100 II may be marked down now because of the III’s release, and is a very good camera indeed.


pretty damn difficult to steady the shot when you’re holding it at arms length.


The idiot behind the camera WANTS this.

Huffing Boing Boing

I was hoping that the inclusion of ‘ipad’ as a viable photographic tool would make the degree of sincerity of the advice clear…


damn. you got me.


I know. I don’t have $8,000, and if I did, I wouldn’t spend it on this camera.

But I still want it!


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