Sony's RX1R is its new high-end compact camera

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I’m saving my nickels & dimes for one of these.


I like the idea of the L16 (it’s sort of another take on the Lytro concept). I’m not convinced it’s going to be fantastic in low light situations though - you’ve still got tiny sensors to deal with. I’d like to see some full resolution low light samples from it.

As for the Rx1R - $2900… Wowzers. That is pricey. Especially for a fixed lens (though, 35mm f/2 on a full frame sensor, especially the fantastic sensor from the A7S and S II, is a pretty usable focal length). But then, the RX1 range has ALWAYS been insanely expensive, so I’ve kinda come to expect that.

Edited - it’s not the same sensor as the A7S2. That’s a 12.2mp sensor. I thought that number sounded wrong, but posted before I went to look it up. But even better - it’s Sony’s new back-illuminated full frame sensor (I’m guessing from the A7 R ii). So low light performance on this bad boy should be AMAZING. I kinda wish it was something more like 16 or 20 megapixel (really, who needs 42mpix?), but it still looks really cool.

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I’m not a big fan of 35mm … I wish they had a wider version, like nikon did with their 35Ti and 28Ti luxury cameras back in the day. I’m pretty happy with the 28mm Coolpix A – it has enough pixels to crop well, but you can’t uncrop to a wider picture.

Can’t resist putting a picture of the 28Ti with its awesome dials:


If I have to choose a fixed focal length, I like 35mm (or 50mm on APS-C). I’m a sucker for portraits, and anything wider than 50mm is getting just a bit too wide for me. But if I’m being honest - if I’m spending in the neighbourhood of $3000US on a camera ($3300 at B&H on pre-sale), I sure as hell am not buying a fixed lens camera, no matter how amazing it is. Unless I win the lottery. I’m actually thinking very hard about getting an A7S for my next camera (can’t justify the extra cost for an A7Sii), actually. I just wish Sony had some cheaper damn lenses.

Still waiting in the hope that Nikon eventually release a full-frame mirrorless camera with an F-mount (that I can afford).

I do like the look of this camera a great deal, as I did its predecessor, but I can’t afford or justify it. Low light and portraits just aren’t the type of photos I take much of.

Yes, it seems to be awesome, but it feels like the perfect second camera for someone who has an even more expensive more flexible first one.


Exactly. I brought my DSLR on a motorcycle trip across Vietnam, but it was way too bulky for candids. When I needed a super-wide or telephoto or low light, it came out of the bag… the rest of the time (half the time) it was my vest pocket camera.

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I love my RX100. And though I lust for this new camera, the larger lens makes it too big for my EDC camera pouch on my belt.
Yes, I carry a real camera everyday, even if I use my iPhone cam more.
Just sometimes I just want the better quality image the Sony provides.

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