Sony "took most of the bite out of" football concussion movie to please N.F.L

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Hey, that was from a Reddit post I made about those emails ([confirmed by The Washington Post][1])

But anyways a funny story about those emails. A few weeks before I posted that on r/Wikileaks I tried submitting that info to various news sites and blogs. I tried submitting that info to BoingBoing too actually. Looks like you guys missed out on getting one hell of a scoop for this site :sweat_smile:


Oooo those darn hackers! I shake my fist!

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Our submission system is a train wreck lol. Scooped again!

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Two years ago ESPN was pressured by the NFL to distance itself from a joint production with PBS’ Frontline, League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis


sounds like they’ve made an extended version of those two minute tv “in-depth” reports.

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