Sony tries, fails to scrub Playstation 4 Slim photos off the net


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Golly gosh gee willikers, they’ve decided to make it a black plastic box! The implications for the industry, they are staggering.


Yeah, I thought it would be like all previous gaming systems I owned that came as loose boards connected by wires that I was expected to hang from my wall and aim cooling fans at.


"We tried to get the engineers to make it even blacker. We said, ‘How much more black could you make this.?’

“And they replied, ‘None. None more black.’”



Hey, it’s important. If they make it black enough, then Robert Smith will come over to play Rocket League with you.


Ah, Sony. There’s nothing like having a huge stake in ‘content’ to give an otherwise-actually-promising-from-time-to-time consumer electronics vendor one hell of a mean, arrogant, controlling streak.


I’m reminded of the joke in Yes Minister about how you couldn’t trust a rumour until it had been officially denied.


I’d get a lot more entertainment out of it if I was expected to build the thing from components.
Actually, as I build my own gaming PC and don’t own a console, I suppose that’s exactly what I do already.


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