Soon, you'll finally be able to play Nintendo games on your smartphone or tablet


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Free? I wonder if they are going to be free?


Zelda on all the platforms.


A couple of years ago they were saying that porting their games would lead to short term success but long term failure.

I guess short term success has got more pressing.

Have never played much Nintendo, beyond Duck Hunt on the display NES at Boots on a Saturday morning and a few minutes arseing about with a Wii.

As long as they fund the Mariners to World Series glory this year, I don’t care what Nintendo do.

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I would say that the lack of short term success is quickly playing out as a long term failure.

You’ve always been able to play nintendo games, at least on android devices, and for free (using various NES and SNES emulators). Now, five years on, you’ll be able to pay for the privilege to do so legally.


It’ll be nice to be able to buy Super Mario World for like, what? The tenth time? I’ve lost count. Wait never mind.

I have mixed feelings about this.
It will be very easy for Nintendo and DeNA to make a lot of money quickly from just creating shallow shovelware like titles that leverage their IP. On the other hand Nintendo tend to be protective of their IPs. Personally I am hoping for a happy medium between popular mobile games (Tapped Out, Flappy Bird, etc.) and more traditional “Nintendo” ideas.

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[quote=“daneel, post:4, topic:53797”]A couple of years ago they were saying that porting their games would lead to short term success but long term failure.

I guess short term success has got more pressing.[/quote]But they’re not talking about ports; they’re talking about creating new games with their existing properties. No Super Mario Bros yet. Nintendo released “Pokemon Shuffle” for the 3DS recently, a free-to-play match-3 game that can readily be described as a knockoff of Candy Crush; we can probably expect more of the same.

Something about this feels off. I guess it’s kind of like when Apple switched to Intel processors, or when Mad Magazine started carrying advertisements.

DeNA and Nintendo will also partner on an online service that will connect players across existing Nintendo devices with mobile users.

Last time they partnered with an online service, it got bought out by someone else who shut the servers down and killed the online functionality for all their old games (i.e. Gamespy and the Wi-Fi Connect).


Mario needs 5 coins to break next block. You have 0 coins! Would you like to wait 36 hours or buy more coins now?


This will likely not as good as it sounds at first. DeNA isn’t know for making high quality games with depth of game play and compelling story.

I get the feeling that if we are really, really lucky we will get something like the Virtual Console where we can get older games for mobile devices, but I’m expecting more along the lines of some match 3 games with Mario characters where you swipe to match shells, gombas, and mushrooms.

If we’re unlucky we will the the Nintendo equivalent of Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.


Square did this. They released some spin-off titles first for a premium price. They still have some of the highest-priced games on the Android platform, usually around $15-20.

After the success of those games, they realized they should also port their regular titles. And they’ve made tons of money in doing so.

Years ago, I played SNES games on my Android phone using an emulator, but other than giving me the ability to brag to my iphone-owning friends, it wasn’t especially fun. Why? Those games aren’t made to be played on a touchscreen. Even the physical keyboard on my Droid 4 was awkward for gaming.
Unless you have a game controller attachment, consider spending money on games specifically designed for fondleslabs instead.

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Think this too little too late for Nintendo. They should have done this years ago. Hope they don’t bring friend codes into the equation.

Obligatory Penny-Arcade:


“However, if you report that we will release Mario on smart devices, it would be a completely misleading statement. It is our intention to release some application on smart devices this year that is capable of attracting consumer attention and communicating the value of our entertainment offerings, so I would encourage you to see how our approach yields results.”

I have to disagree with the opening line. Nintendo games are incredibly dated.

I wonder if it’s just going to be Nintendo licensed shovel ware. Candy crush clones using trademarked characters? Flappy clone starring Mario? or will they port oldschool games? Or all new games? The cynic in me says licensed-shovelware.

The only thing I want from nintendo is HD/4k remastered NES classics… specifically Legend of Zelda.

Headline shoulda read;
Soon, you’ll finally be able to play Nintendo games on your smartphone or tablet legally

I’m not that excited by this news, but it warms my heart that I may get to play some titles that have previously been unavailable to me due to not owning any recent Nintendo hardware and also that they are showing a bit of business savvy and are less likely to go the way of the Sega.

Yeah, they’re not going to be porting their older games to phones so don’t go removing your emulators just yet.