Sortable Search Results


I assume the results are sorted by relevance but it’s a little hard to fathom on single-word queries. It would be nice if the results were optionally sortable by date; usually I’m looking for something I saw recently but can’t remember the full title of.


Press the help button in search to get a list of order operators.


Thanks, how could I have missed that. :japanese_goblin:

Maybe “options” would be a better label. Buttons marked “help” are ubiquitous and totally unhelpful 90% of the time, thus easily overlooked. (Even more so since searches are so frequently sortable via pulldown or column header after results are returned. Users are no longer primed to construct fully-formed queries at the outset.)


Sure, OK, I changed it to “options” for future builds.

Not entirely sure that would have prevented the particular blindness you’re describing, but why not try.


I’ve never noticed there is a help button, either. cool.

the “search this topic” check box is right under the cursor, so I’ve seen and used it as needed. can the “help” button also be aligned left? I agree with L that “options” sounds more like a tool to refine the search than “help.”


I believe @sam has other requests to add more visible sort options to full page search so we will get to this soon.



Tip: hit ENTER when you are searching to get to full page search



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