South Carolina's feudal magistrate system may take a modest step toward modernization

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Shameful that Dems are complicit here, but the greasy legacy of patronage systems runs deep in some states’ politics.

Propublica has been doing great work on the deranged state of America’s “laboratories of democracy” lately. Here’s another:


OK, admit it, you made that one up.


Dude you got judges who are family court judges right here in South Carolina who will have you drug tested for weed despite no arrests for anything drug related or even a clean criminal record yet the same judge was arrested for weed. Monet Pincus is her name. Go to YouTube and type in Nathan Ginter. That man is a guardian ad litem in Richland county who had a court case involving his own child in Judge Pincus’ court room. His baby mama was out on bail for felony child endangerment and yet this woman still got a favorable judgment against a man who is now a court appointed advocate for kids. Google Matt Younginer and his dealings with Monet Pincus and that happened this year. Yet the ODC still won’t get rid of her. This judicial system is an absolute joke.


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