South Korea warns its 23,000 students in Canada: smoke weed and we will imprison you


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SK needs to deploy all means necessary to stop this weed smoking.

BTW: where’s my bong?


SK isn’t unique in this regard. The US also expects this somewhat, although the reach and grasp of American law is more selective. That said, I’ve been looking up the morass of citizenship laws and complicated rules various countries expect people to follow in foreign nations and I’ve reached a singular conclusion:

Nationalism is a helluva drug.


Canada tells South Korean students: stay here, smoke weed.


“Tattooing is technically illegal in South Korea,” so are they checking people, and then, what’s the penalty?


1- How would they know unless someone is an idiot and posts about it online?

2- When they go back to South Korea they can always make sure to not smoke so their body can flush out all traces of having smoked.

3- Does South Korean (or any other country’s) law have recognition on foreign soil? I would think not but then again i’m not a laywer. But that’d be like Saudi Arabia punishing a woman for driving in the US or for being unattended by a man while visiting Canada.


A Canadian who smokes pot in Korea would be punished, so why shouldn’t Korea punish Canadians who smoke legal pot in Canada, as well?


Why stop there? They could imprison half of Europe, too.


Why stop there?

Okay, even if they don’t imprison non Korean pot smokers by renditioning them into Korea, shouldn’t they at least imprison any tourist to Korea who has ever smoked pot in the past?


Consequences of our exporting the war on drugs.


TIme to unfriend South Korea


Sounds more like North Korea than South. Hey South Korea, I thought you were cool…


The lead story of the day for the same newspaper is about uncontrolled anger. Hmmm, if only there was something to mellow people out. :thinking:


Christ What an asshole


North Korea is actually pretty lax about weed. Accounts from defectors say it’s somewhere between legal and unenforced.


So…is the South Korean government going to administer 23,000 wiz quizes upon these students’ return? Sounds inefficient and expensive.




It was in my life time that SK was an authoritarian country, actually.


I’m morbidly curious what happens when a resident of a country that requires women to wear burqas visits one with a burqa ban. Oh what tangled web of authoritarian bullshit our power-drunk leaders weave.


Heck yeah, you have a huge pool of intelligence for the future.