South Korean mayor arranged for garbage to be strewn across a pristine beach so volunteers would have something to collect on International Coastal Cleanup Day

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That must be a nice problem to have. Surely a better plan would have been to have held a big party on the clean beach, and finished it with a rubbish collecting exercise?




Probably wouldn’t work. I get the impression that even after a big party, the beach would have been left in good shape.


Hey if he said none of it ended up in the ocean then none of it ended up in the ocean! Jeez! :roll_eyes:


And thus was coined the phrase “Potemkin Garbage.”


That’s thinking outside the bun.

It’s as if they’re more concerned with earning the merit badge than in having clean coasts. Way to flip a public service idea into being about yourself!

In related news, arsonist arranges for blazes to brighten the dull lives of bored firefighters.


Now that’s customer service!


Wasn’t Trump just there? Sounds like an Ivanka idea.

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Have you been to the ocean? Anywhere but the freshly raked beaches of your tourist destination?
And there was no plastic trash? I don’t believe you.

Smells like a bullshit murdochy story.
The type of garbage facebook propagates.
Because yea, they happened to have a natural pristine beach without plastic trash.
And they picked that particular naturally plastic-free stretch of coast to make an official event sponsored by taxpayers for 600 tourists on International Coastal Cleanup day?
Smells of propaganda.

Last year more than one million volunteers removed 23 million pounds of trash from coastlines and waterways on that day.

I’ve been a coastal dweller all my life. At the beach since I was a Baby. I’ve lived fifty yards from the Pacific, a hundred from the Atlantic and now the Baltic is twenty meters away, literally across the street. I’ve lived on four islands and on a peninsula, worked as a commercial fisherman, as a kayak tour guide to a national wildlife refuge and with DNR to conserve sea turtles. I have visited and sought out the most remote stretches of coastline within my reach. I have never found one beach without plastic trash.
I was taught as a child to never leave the beach without taking some trash.
This has to be fake news. Please.
This timeline is too insane.


If it’s not broken don’t fix it, Mr. Mayor.


I’ve lived across the street from a FL beach for a few years long ago, and visited them a lot. Some are better than others, but you are right. Man-made stuff is ejected from the ocean continuously. There are no untouched places on Earth anymore, except maybe Ted Turner’s 110,000 acre ranch in Montana.


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