The New Jersey Review of Beach Trash

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And one “Snooki” Treasure yea, plastic? yea…

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I’m on the crew of a Missouri River cleanup organization. Last September, one of the volunteers found this in the river near KC:

(blurred because it’s gross)

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Great choice of lede image, Rob.

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You know what’s funny? I moved to New Jersey in 2019. And I live in Ocean County. My first month here I lived in Seaside Heights because it was winter and winter rentals are cheap. The next year I lived in Pine Beach, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Shore. Now, I live further away, but it’s still less than a half hour drive to the Shore. And I haven’t spent one single day actually on a New Jersey Beach. I do sometimes like to hang out by Barnegat Lighthouse, just because I think it’s peaceful and pretty, but I haven’t been to an actual beach here once in the almost 5 years I’ve lived here.

ETA: I’m probably not that unusual, though. The majority of the people who flock to the Shore every summer are from North Jersey and New York. The aforementioned Snooki and the rest of the cast of the Jersey Shore are from New York. Locals try to avoid the Shore in the summer. The traffic is a nightmare.


So tourist at yr own house? not really funny- kinda sad.



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