Southern Alexa


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Technically this is just Old Lady Alexa with a Southern accent, but bless its digital heart!


Aren’t there several southern accents? And which one actually says “gullywasher?” We always said “frog-strangler.”


Yep. To my ear, the carolinas are quite distinct from Texas for example.


Southern California Alexa:

“Alexa why didn’t the alarm go off this morning?”


Available in tubular pink like totally.


Have you heard Southern Google Maps?

“First, ya head on down past the Piggly Wiggly…”


But real biscuits!


That bit made my morning. Seriously.


That’s not a monogram. It’s tatting.


Texas pretty much has it’s own thing going, and even then, West Texas and East Texas sound different.


A South Boston Alexa would be wicked pissa!


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