Southwest wouldn't let mixed-race family fly until mom "proved" parenthood

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Fifty years after Loving v Virginia, and interracial couples are still running into this kind of crap. SMH.


I (white) have flown with my 18mo son (white) and my wife (also white) 10 times now. No ID check from TSA or Delta any of those times. Not even a hint of it.

Hell, my son doesn’t even have any sort of government issued ID. TSA doesn’t require ID for people under 18 years old.

Stupid fucking racists.


I suspect this is a collision of A) racism and B) the current panic over ‘human trafficking’ as vaguely defined. Guh.


This appears to be B being used as cover for A.

nevermind that B was caused by A in the first place.


So a Facebook post has the same validity as a Federal document?


Also, A was caused by B. Well, except for the “current” part.

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I’ve flown Southwest with a lap child. They are really intense about this type of verification. They absolutely INSIST on a birth certificate even if the baby is 1 week old.

While the passport should have been enough, they do have a weird culture of “intense verification” of lap children(<2yo) which is not mirrored by TSA or any other airline. They usually require a birth certificate and the passport might have confused them.
I am not surprised this happened on Southwest and would not automatically assume racism.


Rule #1 of Human Trafficing, ALWAYS take ‘captives’ on airplanes open to the public and fly within the country.


I tend to agree that Southwest is over the top in general with lap children, and we’ve run into that as well. That said, it doesn’t also completely exclude at least a bit of microaggression (people do see white woman with dark kid and assume adoption at a minimum).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this does happen, although so far my wife (South Asian descent) and I (clearly European descent) and I haven’t had any issues yet with our daughter. My wife flies with her more often, and has had a little bit of an eyebrow raise here and there but nothing serious. Our daughter has my last name (wife kept her maiden name) and is a tiny bit darker than white 2 year olds, but doesn’t really look like any clear ancestry vs. her tan mother, so if it was going to happen, it’d happen with the two of them.

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Happens all the time with my spouse and our 3 kids. Stares. Glares. Looks. Questions.


Honestly. The part that kills me here is “Facebook post”. As if social media is some sort of bench mark for ANYTHING.

So even if a law existed to prove the parentage of the child before flying that someone would think a Facebook post would be acceptable is fucking mind blowing to me.


Note to human traffickers: up your social media game.


But are they attempting to verify the age of the kid (“Is it okay for this kid to be on a lap for the flight?”) or the parentage of the kid (“How can this be your kid? You’re not even the same kind”)?


Let’s just say she wasn’t the mom. Say an aunt, or a girlfriend or even just a friend. Who cares? How the fuck does this even matter?


your project is that human trafficing causes racism?

weather:climate::a racist:racism

Happened all the time when I was growing up (white dad, I look very Asian), that is when people weren’t telling me to “go back where I came from” (you mean L.A. cabron?)

Having grown up with this, my wife and I (she didn’t change her name when we got married), deliberately gave the GirChild my last name as we figured she’d probably not look very Asian being only 1/4. She has my last name for ease of “proving” that we’re actually related.


I’ve flown Southwest with my daughter as a lap child 4 times. We were asked for a birth certificate every time.

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Would they accept a video of the conception?


This is becoming the new stock corporate answer.