Southwest Air kicks Muslim woman off plane for switching seats


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It’s important to point out that their stock symbol isn’t actually ‘LOVE’, instead it’s ‘LUV’, which is a nonsense word.


Seems like more and more of these incidents aren’t coming from passenger complaints – witness the fact that the passenger had no problem with the request – but instead are due to cabin crew reactions. What is going on with their training, that this is now so common?


I think my friend Luv would disagree, actually. :wink:


This is bullshit. I’ve had people ask to switch seats on SW and done it without any trouble, more than once.

Now just wait for the apologists to show up. There’s an alarming number of the kind of racist, authoritarian shitstain that doesn’t have a problem with this out there.


The corporation exists primarily to supply comfort to its employees? Hell’s bells, are they hiring?


So people you’re ‘uncomfortable’ with are okay as long as they’re in centre seats?


Yeah. As noted in the article, SW doesn’t even assign seats. This is total and complete horseshit. Apologies dhould be issued, tickets refunded, and racist paranoid flight attendants should be sacked.


Does this mean a flight attendant can remove a person wearing a Red Sox jersey, if the attendant is a Yankee fan?


Well it’s a well known fact that all terrorists take the aisle seat, just Google it.

[note sarcasm, sadly]


I can only assume the attendant thought she place a bomb under the seat, and changed seats to avoid the blast.

[I see your sarcasm and raise you… but sadly, this is probably true]


I think it’s a stretch to think that the attendant is the kind of person who has ever done something that could be described as thinking.


I’ve swapped seats on airlines that DO assign seats. I’m one of those people who will book window/aisle in the hopes that the middle seat doesn’t get taken. When it does (which is usually, honestly), I offer to swap into the middle seat so Mr. Bells and I aren’t talking across someone.


Admittedly I get myself in trouble with that “thinking” thingy sometimes.


This is another story where only one side is being reported. I guess that is the thing we have to deal with today with the speed of the internet news cycle. Companies under such accusations just don’t have the ability to provide timely responses. They have to take the time to do an investigation.
I am not pretending to know what happened on the flight. But what we have so far is mostly from CAIR, and they are very agenda-driven. I am very curious to hear the whole story.


No, it really isn’t. Southwest’s position was reported.


Jihad can only be waged from the aisle. True fact.


Even suicide bombers can’t handle being in the middle seat?


The truth needs no time, spin on the other hand does.


Before everyone jumps on the Internet 5 second news cycle dogpile, remember this episode British Muslim family denied boarding on Disneyland trip flight
The rush to judgement mob mentality here is kind of sorry to see. The first reports from an event are often wrong in important details.