SpaceX and Space Adventures offer tourist trips to orbit

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Sure. Why not.

Do you get a refund if less than 50% of your corpse makes it through a full orbit before burning up on re-entry?

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Initially I read that as Space X and Space Adventures offer tourist traps to orbit.

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For that price, the seats had better recline.


52 million bucks is nothing to the 1%, like you or I dropping a fiver for a couple of tacos.


For that amount though you could dock at the ISS. Give it a few more years and the price will be much more affordable, closer to the $250k range.

Maybe, but why would the crew of the ISS take time out of their busy schedules or engage in potentially risky docking procedures just to humor tourists? I mean, my minivan can get me to all kinds of government-funded research outposts but that doesn’t mean they are going to be happy to give me a free private tour just for showing up.

Probably by that time the ISS will have been abandoned by the USA, and the folks on board it will operate in as an Air B&B.

Or perhaps a “VacuumBnB.”


I’m sorry, Elon. I’m afraid I can’t do that… SpaceX touts robo-rides for orbital vacations, lift-off in 2021-ish

We double-checked with Space Adventures whether a human pilot will join the passengers on the planned trip, and we were told: no.
“This mission on Crew Dragon will fly fully autonomously,” a spokesperson said. “The passengers will be familiar with the system to be able to control the spacecraft if required.”

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