SpaceX launches 58 Starlink internet satellites + 3 SkySats, small Earth-observation satellites [VIDEO]

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Much as I understand the economic idea backing these new fleets of satellites, I’m sad to see this happening. It’s absolutely changing (damaging) the nature of star gazing and earth-based astronomy. Once again, capitalism rushes through a poorly thought out idea without understanding all the consequences that will occur.


Supposedly the newer satellites have coatings to make them darker and so less visible. I doubt that (oops, sorry forgot). And since anything that absorbs must also emit it just shifts the problem to the IR band. I’ve had a nice long nightime exposure ruined by starlink.

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Are any of these online? Is anyone actually using this internet?

… and more importantly, has anyone considered this is pretty much precisely the background for a Bond movie? At what point will all of these turn into lasers pointed at Earth, or reflectors to bake the Earth in it’s own reflected light, or something?

“Oh, no no, Mr Bond, I don’t expect you to listen to Grimes on the Internet… I expect you to die!”

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And as far as obstruction, doesn’t seem like making them darker would make them transparent.

It doesnt, but it’s fairly simple to deal with a missing pixel than with a pixel thats obliterated and overwhelmed by a bright streak.


I was thinking in terms of the practice of scientifically studying the light itself, the wavelength, luminosity and stuff. I guess with the sheer amount of junk up there already they have ways of compensating.

Elon, compensating, junk… There’s a joke in there…

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Isn’t this how the new James Bond movie begins?

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