Spain's top piracy-fighter goes to jail for embezzling $50K to spend in brothels




[Costanza] Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?[/Costanza]


Those seminars must have being AMAZING!


Prostitution has been justified as a way to finance a college education, so sexy seminars might be par for the course


€40K worth of receipts for all night binges where he consumed Champagne and sexual services at brothels, claiming the funds were spent entertaining and meeting with senior cops, journalists, and academics.

To be fair, just because the money was spent in brothels doesn’t mean it wasn’t also part of an entertainment budget for senior cops, etc. - unfortunately.

I have to wonder if the people chosen for these positions represent the degree of (not-) seriousness with which the job is treated by the government? “Let’s look like we’re getting tough on piracy to placate the media companies by creating this job. What fuck-up can we shift over into this position to get them out of our way?”


You wont believe how many politicians have being busted for spending tens of thousands euros on drugs and prostitutes, and just like in the US most of them are right wing church going dudes.

Ah, and apparently those same also love to bust the town hall mobile phone bill calling erotic hotlines non stop.


This is what happens when you don’t invite the politicians to the party.


entertaining the police commissioner

He wasn’t lying, exactly. “The Police Commissioner” just happens to be his pet name for his penis.


This man is no hypocrite. Instead of downloading pirated images and videos of women, he goes right to the content provider.


Seminal, even.


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