Alabama Sheriff legally appropriated $750K from prison meal budgets to build himself a beach house, locked up his whistleblowing gardener


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Like US politicians keeping what’s left over from campaign fund raising right? How many politicians have new homes, cars, airplanes, boats, Ukrainian hookers as a result of some left over “slush”?

Oh, and on point, fuck Alabama.


“Gardener Arrested for Weed Possession!”

But he noted that it might cost more money for taxpayers if the county commission had to manage jail kitchens through an open bid process.

Because the open market and private enterprise couldn’t possibly be as efficient?


I wonder where the Sheriff or his flunkies got the weed from.


Prisons rather than pools should be used as a prototypical example of ‘Attractive Nuisance’


A NEW Ukrainian hooker!?! Must be nice…


Looking forward to seeing you do the perp walk Sheriff.


Either the inmates are being starved, or the county is allowing much too large a food budget. It can’t be both. So which is it Sheriff?


America is a lovely third world country.


750K, ok. He now gets to spend rest of his life turning big rocks into small rocks, paid a penny a rock, until he’s repaid the debt.


It sometimes feels like a race to rock bottom in the USA. The silver lining is once we hit rock bottom if we have any friends left they’ll have an intervention and try to get us into rehab so we can turn things around.


Yeah, 'cause the federal government is right on top of that kind of thing.


"But I’ll guarantee you that if they’re not fed properly, the federal government would let us know about it."

I see the pretzel in his logic.


I’m trying to think of a situation where “That’s the way it’s always been done here” is a valid excuse.


Not if he wears a MAGA cap to court…then he gets a cabinet position


I would think that even if this is legal, the IRS (and the state of Alabama, maybe?) should treat that $750,000 as income and he should pay taxes on it.


There is no bottom. The bottom is a myth intended to give you hope that one day the suckage will not get any worse. That notion is nice but even in Somalia things can get worse.


And a pursue tax evasion investigation.


“It is presently unknown how much money sheriffs across the state have taken because most do not report it as income on state financial disclosure forms,” the Southern Center for Human Rights wrote in January.

What’s the legality of this? Is there any kind of sanction for failing to include these monies on the disclosure form? I’d love for the IRS (or state equivalent) to compare these disclosure forms to the sheriffs’ tax filings.


Hey, why so harsh on the Skittles-and-Cheez-Its?!?!
And Vienna Sausages?!?