Helicopter was sent to fetch Alabama governor's wallet: "I had to buy something to eat"


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Heh. But I didn’t exactly say that I didn’t want a helicopter used. My precise words were … “get it to me NOW if you have to FLY IT!”. Maybe.


That’s our Bentley!

::laugh track::

::theme music::


He seriously couldn’t find someone who’d trust him to repay a twenty buck loan? Maybe one of the state troopers that spends all day standing next to him? Some aide?


But who takes cash without ID?


This isn’t surprising based on the fact that he’s already been criticized for how much he’s flown on private planes.


“I requested a cup of Colombian coffee. I had no idea that they were going to deliver it by private jet! (Though I did specify it needed to be freshly brewed in Colombia and served piping hot.)”


The head of the governor’s security detail – a state trooper – has made so much overtime watching after Bentley that he raked in more money last year than the director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

See, this just reinforces my point that one of the guv’s state troopers could have afforded to loan the guv $20 - or in this guy’s case $50 - and then there’s no need to arrange a rescue mission for the guv’s wallet.


Only the little people eat meals you can buy for less than the median income in Kuala Lumpur.


I had to have money. I had to buy something to eat.

But you? You on the other hand

You have to have identification.


You have to have your wallet for security reasons.

I believe we have now confirmed that he keeps the launch codes for Alabama’s nuclear arsenal in his wallet. What if Mississippi started making threatening noises while he was on vacation?


Gee, I wonder if he’s a Republican or Democrat? Ha! Just kidding. Of course he’s a Republican, just like Chris Cristy, who commandeered a NJ State Police helicopter so he could get to his son’s baseball game, then refused to reimburse the state for it.

How anyone can still belong to this party, boggles the mind. Doesn’t matter, though. I doubt if it will even exist in 10 years.


Hey, at least as a Republican, with their famous hatred of big government he didn’t get a C130 & fighter escort to get it, so at least there’s that…



To be fair, there are plenty of Democratic officials who’ve done similarly stupid corrupt things.

I hope you’re right, though.


I’d say the ratio is about 10 to 1. Then you get to add in the hypocrisy of claiming to be the fiscally responsible, small government, family values party.


Oh, I do that all the time, but in all fairness I send an entire detail of Seal Team 6 to do my bidding.


In Alabama getting the Governorship basically means you get to be boss of the corrupt graft machine until the felony counts come in, but this was the case when they had Dem. governors too (last two Dem. govs. were convicted), the state’s governance has been a model of corrupt dysfunction forever.


Maybe he needed it because he carries his lucky condom in his wallet.


“…over an unrelated sex scandal.” Not entirely unrelated, unless this occurred multiple times–reporting I’ve seen elsewhere reported that he stormed out of the house in a rush (and without his wallet) because he was fleeing an argument with his wife over the affair at the center of that scandal.