Alabama Sheriff legally appropriated $750K from prison meal budgets to build himself a beach house, locked up his whistleblowing gardener

You can still be a bad person, despite “obeying the letter of the law”.

Really legislature is at fault as this is probably not some isolated incident. (more than probably, I bet I can dig up some more examples)

Seems a little silly blowing money on a new Ukranian hooker when a good wash and a spray with ‘New Ukranian Hooker’ aroma will have your OLD Ukranian Hooker back in showroom shape in next to no time.


I hope his minor world breaks apart and doesn’t fall together again.


Seems that would depend a lot on who’s been “driving” your old Ukrainian hooker, doesn’t it?

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Rhymes with ‘spittoon’?

opps finger stutter

Whenever I have a hard time saying “no” to a manipulative preschooler who knows how to be kind but just can’t be bothered, I’m going to think of this man and find a huge reservoir of steely resolve.

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Yep. That almost happened with Arizona’s own Sheriff ‘Joke’ Arpiao, human rights violator and embarrassment to the country

I think it’s also worth remembering that you can be a bad person because you are “obeying the letter of the law”


NPR got this wrong. It’s an Orange Beach house (located in the town of Orange Beach), but it’s not a beach house. It has “an in-ground pool and canal access”.

(obligatory historical nitpick: not quite everything, especially early on. He did spend some time in prison. But the basic point remains valid)


What a smug-looking son of a bitch! I hope he gets his comeuppance.

A clear case of weeding the gardener, you could say.

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