The GOP tax plan means millions in extra profits for private prison corporations


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Just reinventing the old “crime doesn’t pay” schtick. Simple, really…merely a switch to who gets paid. It incentivizes the whole chain of law enforcement to get on the “lock 'em up” money train.

See? The free market works everywhere!


Surely this is an unintended side-effect, as is the rest of the bill.


I am shocked… well no not really.


They hates that Gub’ment, 'cept when it makes them millions.


The US just does some things wrong and is so hard-headed and corrupt about it. I was trying to explain this to my dumb-ass Trumper landlord, and used an example those late night infomercials where they try to sell you expensive pills to clean out your colon. Those con-artists use fear to get you worried about something that is not really a threat, they sell you something that may not work and might even be bad for you, and rake in a profit off your stupidity. But then if you say “hey this is bogus” they claim you are defending intestinal parasites. Same here, any attempt at prison reform is called “coddling” and any attempt at oversight is called “wasting taxpayers money.” It’s so thick-headed, I can only think of that line from Idiocracy: “Water? Like from the toilet?


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