Lawsuit reveals the deadly, out-of-control free-for-all inside Red State America's for-profit prisons


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So private prisons aren’t all dramedy like it is on “Orange is the New Black”?


This makes one wish one lives in the universe of Law & Order. Jack McCoy would charge the people relocating these prisoners with attempted murder.


Are you trying to tell me that super wealthy people who are willing to contract to imprison other people who haven’t ever directly harmed the contractor aren’t likely to be fine, morally upstanding characters who can be trusted with a prisoner’s welfare?

Gosh, it’s almost like this was always and predictably a textbook case of the principal-agent economic moral hazard!

Me and Fry are both shocked. Shocked, I tell you.


OITNB actually focused on this disturbing trend over the last two seasons; in their narrative, an already underfunded prison gets privatized, the conditions become even worse and then snowball into a full scale riot.


Woah WOAH! You’re telling me that Jack McCoy isn’t real?!?!


I actually have a folder with just the links to each of these available for quick use. Before you say it…THIS IS one of my hobbies :wink:


He’s real. It’s just he’s retired and married President Bartlet.


Its also much harder to sneak a handgun into Manhattan Criminal Court than it is on TV*

*Unless you have an attorney pass.


guards are paid less than $12/hour and received three weeks’ training

Perhaps Management & Training Corp. can be sued out of existence based on deceptive practises related to its DBA name. Then again, they can probably bring in a bunch of MBAs to testify that this sort of management and training is perfectly in line with modern U.S. business practises.


I’m as free-market as they come around BoingBoing, but even if you could save money on prisons I don’t want for-profit prisons. Not least is that I don’t want prisons to somehow become less expensive. If a thing get less expensive, you get more of it.


Only poor, powerless people are sent to these prisons.

What would happen if we sent the white professionals convicted of financial crimes to these prisons instead of the “country club” prisons to which they are accustomed?


Everyone knows he’s a gay retired divorce lawyer who loves folk music and lives out in California… No way he’s a NYC DA!


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They’d likely be killed by resentful inmates of lower economic status. Possibly even eaten.


Private prisons suck, but so do public prisons. And in the USA, thanks to prison labour, they’re all “for profit”.

See this thread, from an academic who studies prisons:


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What few people know is that Grace and Frankie is a sequel to both Law and Order and the West Wing (which is itself a sequel to the original movie version of The Dead Zone)


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