Undercover reporter spent four months as a prison guard in a Louisiana pen run by CCA


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Oh, shit.


They will remember this like slavery.


Are there any government standards for prisons ?


45 years since the Zimbardo study and not only have those in power not learned from it, they’ve made it worse.

Forty. Five. Years.

For-profit prisons are a sign of terminal stage capitalism. Because really, where else could they go from here?


Read the source article. The CCA supervisor talks about the Department of Corrections when explaining an inspection of the facility to the employees.

And the eventual fate of the CCA managing the facility is spoken of towards the end.


Holy shit.

That’s some third world bullshit right there. WTF?

And 3.4Million for the CEO? WTF? Fuck that noise.


This long form article in Mother Jones is well worth the read. It’s heartening that ANY journalists, investigative or otherwise, commit to the time and the personal risk to shed light on an important topic like for-profit prisons.

And yes, they are exactly the horrorshow that you imagine that they are, and worse.


You mean build monuments to its progenitors, and propagate myths about how its victims were actually happy under those conditions?


Ah, malingering. That’s an old one.


Awful. Nothing but awfulness.


I strongly doubt it…

Are you are talking of the prison system in general or the awful way it is run now in the us and elsewhere?


Well, they’re not selling prisoners organs yet.


As far as we know, anyway.


So, then CCA will become Containment Corporation of America?


When profit becomes the measure of success for prisons, then rates of recidivism mean nothing (or worse than nothing-- if you don’t rehabilitate an ex-con, he is more likely to come back, and increase your profits some more.)


Huzzah for [perverse incentives] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perverse_incentive)!


I can’t wait to get my CCA Certified liver. Though I hear you’ll have to pay extra for one without shiv holes.


I’d like to believe it will raise awareness like Albert Londres’ work on French penal colonies did. Yeah, I’d really like to believe that…



Shane Bauer did one hell of a job on that. I need to donate money to Mother Jones one of these days. That kind of long form journalism is sorely needed.

There are so many things in this article that I had no idea about.

“Supposedly,” he says. Louisiana law doesn’t allow early release unless the inmate has an address to go to. New parolees have to stay in the state, and his mother doesn’t live in Louisiana. With no one outside to assist him, he has to rely on CCA to make arrangements with a shelter. The prison’s coach was trying to help, but Corner Store says he got “roadblocked” by the administration.

How the hell is that legal?

How the hell is any of this legal?