After Trump reversed Obama's restrictions on private federal prisons, states started banning them instead

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Private prisons are obscene. Banning them is an acceptable but incomplete solution – we need to investigate and prosecute the creatures who actually propose such things, because the exploitative nature of private prisons strongly suggests abuses in other areas.


Prisons are one of those things that never, EVER should be run for profit.



This article is a little outdated and myopic. For one thing, the prison mentioned in Louisiana is now an ICE detention facility. For another thing, our regular, conditions in the not-private prisons are just as bad, if not worse. The regular prisons also make money off of forced inmate labor and perpetrate unholy human rights offenses. I think the focus on private prisons is too narrow and the corrections industry uses this as a diversionary scapegoat. Head up to Angola and check out the chaingangs being held at gunpoint by men on horseback… the public prisons are in many ways worse.

James Kilgore has some insight into this topic:

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You do realize that “public” prisons are also run for profit? Thousands of people are contracted via Federal Prison Industries which uses federal inmate labor. The number of corporations that profit off forced labor of incarcerated people is a mile long. “Public” prisons also hold sweatshops, factories, farms, processing plants, etc. In my state inmate wages range from 4 cents to $1 an hour.


Right, no prisons should be run for a profit; public or private. Unless it’s operated as “break even” and the books are meticulously checked, shady shit will be happening. Like letting those etablet companies in, where the prisons get a cut of book rental and other fees.

It leads to dark deeds done to people whom many see as deserving of whatever hellish things come their way as another facet of their punishment.


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