Donald Trump has ushered in a "golden age of private prisons"

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All that before you get to the potential shareholder upside from private debtors’ prisons, which is likely (and ironically, given a president* who’s a notorious deadbeat) on the agenda.


I wonder if there will also be an uptick in the comparatively luxurious prison-is-for-the-poor alternatives. Will the profit margin be high enough? Or are we just done jailing the rich altogether?


I am generally an advocate for the private sector but keeping people in cages against their will is not something that should be the function of any corporation. Rehabilitation is directly counterproductive to profitability.


It should be patently obvious: these people have a vested interest in the crime rate going up.


They have a vested interest in eventually enslaving everyone who isn’t them.


While I agree with you…

The same could be said for the justice department.

Obviously the prison system should be a government function, but I think things would go a lot better if there was a “Rehabilitation Department,” a federal group who was rewarded for trying to help people get back on their feet, not rewarded (thought job security, at least) by locking up as many as you can.


A golden age of private prisons, or an age of golden private prisons? (This is Trump after all.)


That’s not prison, that’s something else masquerading as prison.


except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

Turns out, this is a fairly major loophole in the 13th.


If anything, they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your sentence gets extended for as long as possible, and if you do go free, that you’ll be right back as a repeat offender.

Not necessarily the crime rate, but definitely the arrest and conviction rates going up. It’s also against their best financial interest for cops to kill people - unless the cops themselves end up going to prison for it.

What actually happens if you are a shareholder of a private prison owning company and get sent to prison?

Do you get shareholder perks?

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The big money is in the immigrant internment camps.

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I feel like I’m running out of anger. It’s exhausting. There’s just so much awfulness, and we seem to keep plumbing new depths.

I guess this is that “outrage fatigue” I keep hearing out.


Anger is an energy, as John Lydon likes to say, but only if directed.

We’re well into Niemoller territory, but the fight isn’t done yet. It’s just starting.

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He will need to go somewhere that he will feel comfortable at when this is all over.

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If you think that’s bad wait 'til you see the showers.

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