Donald Trump has ushered in a "golden age of private prisons"

Sweet and good-faith offer there, my friend. Thank you. But I’ve been doing this since the 80s (I’m so old my FBI file was probably originally on paper) and the first Gulf War/Operation Rescue’s initial genesis. I think that’s why I’m so discouraged – it seems worse. I remember Faludi’s “Backlash” and Firestone’s “Dialectic of Sex” being enough to get me engaged and enraged, but now it seems less 1987 and more 1933.

But you’re absolutely right. Fight isn’t over. Deep breath. Head up. Keep going.


Maybe a relaxing trawl through the “Resistance” thread?

Alternatively, find some sunshine and binge-watch a tree. :slight_smile:


I’m with you. I’m of the view the free market can make damned near anything cheaper and more commoditized, which in lots of fields is a great and wonderful thing. But you have to agree that you want more of it, so much more of it you don’t mind the downsides of a surplus (e.g., computing power, Old Navy jeans, etc.), there are a few things (e.g., the Fire Department, or the Police Department and, certainly here, prison capacity) where a big surplus isn’t desirable and so I want the private sector to take no part of it. Cheaper prisons is NOT a desirable outcome when the government is just a contractor for them because the an overcapacity in prisons won’t drive down the government incarceration budget. Cheaper prisons (assuming, arguendo, that they’re cheaper) only means more folks go to prison.


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