Zany sheriff does kooky fake ad for county slammer


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I would love to see Red Roof Inn hit this idiot with a takedown notice.





We have a 1 star rating and we’re working to lower that as I’m speaking.

Well gee thanks for telling us that your idea of incarceration is to make it as horrible as possible. It’s not like convicts are human beings with rights or anything.


For some reason, that reminds me of the leg irons that were advertised as being “used on the famous Mr Mandela” as late as 2007.


1 strike and your out, otherwise our quarterly profits go down.


I’m sure this dope spends a lot of time decrying government waste and “undeserving” people getting welfare. If the country goes fascist he’s the kind of “conservative” who’ll be tapped as the warden of whatever Theresienstadt show camp they come up with.


Does it have a TripAdvisor page? It should.


I bet this douchebag loves the former Sheriff Arpaio too


Someone should look into hitting him with “misappropriation of funds.” Probably not a winnable court case but I think that’s exactly what this is, a campaign ad disguised as a public service announcement.


Norway’s prisons are basically a spa getaway compared to the ones in the US, yet they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

It’s almost as if America’s approach to incarceration is driven by sadism instead of a desire for reducing recidivism.


ftfy my good sir



Studies are pretty clear that even the death penalty doesn’t deter most people who are predisposed to heinous crimes. All this abusing of inmates is really abuse of the guards whose souls are stolen by this moral hazard. And sadists like this guy.


People should not be required to commit crimes in order to gain access to housing and health care and education and food.


I remember watching that documentary and being horrified by the pro-death penalty madman in this clip.


In related news…


Performance art ain’t what it used to be.


Yeah, this is just a stunt and I am not even going to grant it a view. The guy is most likely bored due to lack of real crime, as he should well be.