Sheriff Joe rally beautifully upstaged

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Interestingly, the title of the video where it is hosted (over on LiveLink) is “Illegal Mexican Alien makes a fool out of himself, waves Mexican flag at our Support Sheriff Joe protest.” Two sides to every coin I guess.


The best part is the lack of self-awareness when the camerman says “Pretty funny, huh? Yeah, I can degrade myself, make a public fool out of myself.”

Yes, yes you can, by standing on a street corner with stupid signs. And other people with the wonderful freedom of speech can act silly around you to point out how silly you are being.


The perfect foil to angry idiocy is gleeful idiocy.


I couldn’t find the original. Do they actually offer any evidence on the gentleman’s immigration status? Or is the Mexican flag all the proof needed? Because I seem to recall a commandment about bearing false witness against one’s neighbors…


No, they don’t really give any justification for that label. Here’s the original posting, presumably by the guy who shot the video. (You can get to it by clicking on the embedded video here once it has started playing. That’s how I got to it.)

I’d agree if you said the perfect foil for public demonstrations of hate is unconcerned public demonstrations of joy and ecstasy. Love this guy.


Cojones with a side of chutzpah. Makes me proud to be an American. “No hablo Ingles,” he sez. Masterful.


I’m painfully white and I want to join this guy’s party.


Did you see his skin color? No real 'merican would have skin darker than Pantone 78-6C.


Seems skin color was enough for the Sheriff Joe-pals to determine the dancer’s name. I love that jerks release videos like this thinking they will make themselves look like fine upstanding Americans with their racist banter.


LOL @ the 911 guy thinks a bandolier is a weapons violation. In Arizona.


Why not three? I’m thinking of reposting this as “Irresponsible protesters endanger lives by distracting Arizona drivers with signs and flag-waving.”


Seems like everyone in the video are acting like jackasses to me.

No points awarded to either side.

Please return to your corners.

Update to the linked article:

UPDATE 7:42AM Thursday May 21: Some careful viewers tell us this is actually Palmdale, CA (north of Los Angeles), not the Arizona location reported on LiveLeak.

So now I’m unclear if these people were actually supporting Sheriff Joe or just a random group of racist anti-immigration protesters, but it does look like the bigot who posted it to LiveLeak didn’t know crap about the context of the video.


This guy makes me proud that sometimes there is balance in our nation built on free speech.

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how is following the law racist?

There’s no law against being a racist bigot.


if everyone followed immigration law this wouldn’t be a issue. we should follow home country of person who wish’ to come to usa . then no one can say Bigot/rascist/etc

for me to live and get duel citztien ship in mexico
i have to live there 5 years take a test saying i know Spanish lang / laws / history

so for mexicans it would be
i have to live in states 5 years take a test saying i know English lang / laws / history

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Did you listen to the audio? The protesters assumed he was in the U.S. illegally based on his appearance, shouting things like “you have no right to be here whatsoever”. And remarks like “listen, Pablo…” are hard to interpret in a non-racist way unless the guy with the camera had actual knowledge that the dancer’s name was Pablo.