Fox affiliate fakes "kill a cop" protester chant




“We distort, you decide” ?


I think this is actually the same method by which Fox News got the “fair and balanced” tagline. They quoted someone who said that the people who run Fox News are “fair(ly mentally) and (socially un)balanced.”


You can never eat just one!


Fox breaks news in the “That’s some nice news ya got there, be a shame if anything were to happen to it on the way to broadcast” sense.


I think the actual chant was:

We won’t stop
We can’t stop
Til killer cops
Are in cell blocks.

The demonstrators have been going all out to be clear that they’re not against the police - they’re against brutality and racism and the unaccountable use of power. But that doesn’t fit the narrative for a certain audience.

It works, too. This is the same kind of journalism that turned the President’s “You didn’t build [your own roads and power grid]” into “You didn’t build [your own business.]” It is fundamentally and willfully dishonest, but that’s just fine with the party of individual responsibility and moral values. They built their national convention on this particular deception.


The phenomenon is also to be placed on the shoulders of the complicit / mush-minded consumer (of information, goods, services, whatever)

Generally, people have arrived at an unquestioning state of mass-consumption. They don’t challenge for exacting standards and precise references.

I was in the US last week, and enjoyed watching “Haggity” or someone on Fox for 10 minutes. Watching the interviewees was funny - Haggity clearly had a play by play reference feeding into his ear-piece, telling him what mannequinesque move to make next, how to disassemble (for the Fox audience) the interviewee.

Funny, but it made me quite sad. I felt like a clown looks.


Would it have hurt if Cory had included this in the post?


I have hope, my normal consternation concerning people whom I would have previously thought would eat this up has not been needed.

Apparently you have to be actually evil to support this kind of propaganda, not just synthesising it through careless behaviour.


this ( the faked version ) is already all over the facepalm and the interwebbie !!


Considering how explicitly edited this clip was, combined with the newscasters explicitly stating a knowingly false interpretation of what was said, makes me wonder if a slander suit would be possible?


Here’s the original. It wasn’t that hard to fake with that sneaky edit: a couple of times it actually does sound like both the speaker and the crowd are saying ‘so kill a cop.’


Fox News: We Report You

Hey, that ‘cut the end off’ technique works pretty well!


They should lose their license over this.


It’s clear to me that some kind of charge of inciting a riot or something along those lines is appropriate here


Licence to shill?


This is one of the reasons why we still have racial bias today. MSM is one of the main reasons why people keep/get a skewed view of Black people. And this was no “accident”.


For anyone in the WBFF broadcast area, hit them where it hurts…

An example…

Unfortunately, thanks to President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich, it may be a while before the station feels any pressure to change…

All broadcast station licenses are granted by the Commission for eight years.

And, given the painfully obvious bias of the FCC Chairman, if the pressure is applied while he is in power, my expectations are very low.


I just wish someone would pull this stunt from Fletch Lives on Hannity. That would be hilarious.


I like how the reporter tells us what they are ‘saying’ first, so that we’ll hear it that way. Not just the editing it short, but telling us that “'til” is actually “so.” That’s like that ghost speech people record and ‘hear’