Mexican gentleman joins nutty white people's anti-immigration protest, hilarity and dancing ensues


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Jason liked it on Thursday: :smile:


AAwww poor little haters, trying so hard to show the world that they’re so bad and this guy won’t even act upset or afraid. It’s hard to be bad-assed when your target whoops and hollers while dancing the hate into the dirt. That guy will be loved by the whole community and his story told for years while the haters are already forgotten.


TeaBaggers are plentiful in the land of the sun, that’s why I left…


I’d party with that dude anytime; he looks like a lot of fun.


Why does someone always do this?

As subsequent comments demonstrate, not every BB reader reads BB every day, so some haven’t seen the repeated topic yet. And when a site has as many daily posts as BB does, I see no problem with occasional repeats. What I can’t see is why someone always feels some sort of “gotcha!” need to point them out.


I’m surprised @TobinL hadn’t said anything, yet.


Why does someone always do this?

Because it should be embarrassing, that the handful of people behind the site clearly don’t read it themselves. And I think there’s something to be said for it showing a lack of respect for regular readers.

And it’s really, really not “occasional.” This is at least the second such dupe today alone.


Good heart never gets old.


Yeah, even though they separately queue up sometimes a week’s worth of posts in advance - but they should read the 300 unpublished posts before they are posted. Shameful.

@TobinL - amirite?!


I wasn’t pointing it out to make Xeni feel bad. I have no clue what her life is like or how busy she is and she doesn’t have to justify anything to us. I think Stephen actually exhibits the pettiness you assumed I had. I was just pointing it out to be helpful and head off other people saying things like, “haven’t I seen this recently?” Purely good will - hence the smiley face.


I know. I’m a grump. I really do love the site, though, dupes and all. Just rubbish at showing it.


“You have finally convinced me to join the dark side.”

Ironically the “dark side” appears to be all-white.


He is living the life I want, truly.


The Mexican gentleman has some good dance moves. nutty white people need better music though there we go.


I’m livening up the party!!!

That’s how you do that folks.

The clueless response of the anti-immigration group managed to showcase a rainbow of double standards, ignorance and anger.


Well it doesn’t get a lot of sun light.


Because if you clicked on the discussion, it means you want to discuss it, and if you want to discuss it it’s probably good to know that there was a whole 'nother discussion already on it – in this case, one with nearly 50 replies.

Maybe the @CarlMud’s comment wasn’t for Xeni, but for others in this thread.


I hadn’t seen the other discussion, but checked this one because the title seemed more descriptive.


But they do have cookies!