'Spam King' Sanford Wallace gets 2.5 years in prison for 27 million Facebook scam messages


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… and nothing of value was lost.


I’m a little shocked this guy is still around.

I remember everyone shaking their fists at him a decade or so ago when it was just email and newsgroup spam. Most people would have given up being a festering boil on the world’s ass by now.


So how is it that this guy gets charged with one count for this?


On the one hand ‘only 2.5 years? WTF?!’ On the other…

How badly does this impact him? This isn’t someone that needs rehab. This is someone that is trying to scam and hurt people.


It does seem too lenient. Judges usually get a mite peeved when you ignore court orders.


I guess if your one talent is being a festering boil, you have to be true to yourself. Or something.


May the fleas of a thousand camels bite his ass.


$310,628.55 in restitution for sending millions of spam messages

…works out to about a penny apiece. I hope he’s not happily sitting on the other ten million.


White collar crime pays.


I’m celebrating as much as anybody, but this struck me a weird:

So, for downloading?


So does that mean he will have to use a Nokia 3310 while on probation; as any smart phone would allow him to hop right back in to his old life style?


He should be forced to eat nothing but Spam during his entire sentence.


I don’t see any sensible definition under which a smart phone is not a computer. But the law is a funny thing, so who knows?


I tried typing in good and the system would not let me save it. So I will just heart yours


stupid post must be at least 6 characters… URLs are longer happily and sometimes a meme picture just says it all.


It certainly does.


Wallace is less a hacker and more of a script kiddie. He’s been a blight on the net since he first haunted USENET and for all the messes he’s caused, for all the open mail servers he’s taken, he deserves more than just two and a half years. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s not served any time before now. And that he’s still doing his shenanigans. Oh, well, once a con-man, always a con-man.


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