Spanish football app turns users into unwitting surveillance operatives

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La Liga is a associated with FIFA, so I’m impressed that there is no allegations of slavery or bribery in the making of the app.


Is Spain an aggressively one-party consent jurisdiction for audio recording purposes or this this about a zillion cases of illicit eavesdropping even if the ‘consent’ of the person executing the app were deemed to have been impeccably informed and suitably gathered?

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There is a typo that it’s repeated thru the article:

The newspaper name is “El Diario” not “El Dario”.

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We will know more when/if (I assume when) this goes to court.

But if you are expecting some outrage over here… well… apart from some cryptofreaks and privacy wonks, the rest will only be outraged if it sounds like it may at some point infringe on their god-given right to watch football.

When cases of tax-evasion by multimillionaire football players came to light here, the big concern of great masses of the public was how it was a conspiracy to hurt their team.


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