Spark Camera, a simple movie-making app aimed at shooters, not sharers


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Local storage is a great feature.

And then the next feature is… filters? Like the promo shows turning my colorful hot air balloon footage into B&W???

Would love to have the ability to swap/remove/crop the clips within the movie.

Would even rudimentary color grading tools be wasted on iPhone footage? It would be nice to have slightly better options than to apply filters in a binary way. Even if it’s just a basic rgb color correction wheel or something. I guess it’s time to look at the apps in depth

Well, the time has come … I would have given this app a try, but my iPhone4 is too old …

wake me up again when they make a video version of Dynamic Light :smiley:

Really can’t expect the world from a $2 app. However, I would be very willing to pay honest money for the features I want. So far, the video editors I have found are missing something important, or are hamstrung in a critical way.

(But I do appreciate the local editing!)

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