Special effect techniques from the past

You inspired me to look it up. I had been thinking it was a composite shot because of how convincingly the clouds moved, but they got that effect by having the miniature model flap its wings quickly while surrounded by smoke from a small smoke machine then played everything back in slow motion. Great overall effect!


I’ve stopped by to report on that after just now having watched the SFX section. Only “about two scenes” with Sam in flying gear, and both against blue screen. Everything else in-camera with the miniature, as you said. Noted that the SFX supervisors’ portfolio included Jabberwocky, Meaning of Life; a couple of Indiana Jones films, and Superman. A grab from the disc:


I love practical effects!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was adapted into a play in 1899-- and of course the transformation was live and on stage. Lucy Worsley has a few paragraphs on it here.

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Zelman is great. You can see a couple of his movies (Munchausen and Invention for Destruction) streaming on Kanopy. All you need is a Library Card from a participating library. Kanopy is awesome.


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