Stunning trailer for 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance'

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I’m just stoked that they kept a bunch of puppets around instead of going full CGI (though I’m assuming there’s plenty of that too).


From what they’ve said, none of the sets, creatures, or puppets are CGI – only some effects and puppeteer/string removal was done with CG. Everything else is all practical. And it looks astonishingly good.


Oh Chamerblain…such an iconic character.


Sooner… sooner would be better.


I give this teaser:
Two straight hours of the Chamberlain Hmnning / 10.


I loved this movie as a kid. The first time I saw it, it freaked me out and I had to wait years until I could see it again. And now with kids of my own, I’ve watched with them a few times. The original really holds up. It’s great to see that this remake holds true to the spirit of the original. Really looking forward to this.


Ok, so Good Omens, NOS4A2 in June… July is Stranger Things… This Aug 30… well, looks like I might have a few weeks of summer to do something other than watch TV…


Formative film for me. Proper scary monsters too; the dark is really dark.



My Son has the original VHS, he’ll jump out’a his skin when I send him the trailer.


I still can’t believe this is happening. They’ll lose the footage the day before release, or something.

Let’s hope the story is as engaging as the visuals, which look amazing.

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How can this fit with the original movie? Didn’t the Skeksis all become Urskeks?

It’s a prequel, telling the story of the Skeksis at war with the Gelflings (basically, what we saw on the cave wall that Jen & Kira discover in the movie). Some of the images they’ve released show the Emperor charging into battle.


That does look good. I just hope they cleaned up the story from the movie, which was confusing, especially as a kid. But it looks fantastic.

One of the kiddos favorite youtubers did a review of the film, but I told her she has to see the movie first. Though I thought they already did the prequel in the comics?

Also, two things over used in 70s and 80s shows were 1) quick sand and 2) life or essence draining. I rewatched some classic He-Man and there is at least one show that sparked up memories of Orko’s girlfriend getting her life drained. That kind of stuff always weirded me out as a kid for some reason.

DC sound bites were used in this classic Crystal Method jam - Trip Like I Do.


They did do a prequel series that took place long, long before the movie (back when the last Great Conjunction took place) as well as a comic series that adapted the unproduced sequel.

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I am so excited for this - I’m excited to see it but I’m also excited for it to do well on the hope that more productions with puppets happen in the future. I love puppets and puppetry. I want to see more tv and movies with a more serious tone that use puppets I think it’d be really cool in a way that pure CG just can’t replace.

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This trailer is Fizzgig approved!giphy


I saw it as a teen when it was released, and this looks like it addresses the one thing about the film that’s bugged me since. Don’t get me wrong - I loved it, but…

Why, when the Skeksis and Mystics and almost all the other characters looked so well-developed, did the main characters look like slightly advanced muppets?

There. Had to get that off my chest.

I don’t think it’s that the characters were less developed, I think it’s just that it’s hard to make a puppet’s face move like a realistic human(oid) being’s.

Beaks and beaklike mouths are easy; just look at the Enchanted Tiki Room. But we spend so much time looking at human faces that we intuitively know how the muscles move and lips form for every word or expression, so a puppet whose mouth does little more than open and close is going to look obviously fake and lifeless even in the hands of a talented puppeteer.