Special Giveaway Alert: 10 YEARS of Netflix Premium

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This could only mean Netflix is about to go out of business.


The contest states of you share you will get more entries into the drawing, but after doing so,I seem to not have gained any extra entries into the contest.


Dear gawd, I fucking HATE captchas…

Because if there’s anything that we’ve learned from the tumultuous, constantly shifting world of the internet and technology, it’s that tech companies reliably stay viable for long periods of time by providing the same service.

I certainly entered the drawing, because, why not? Still, I have to comment on …

In fact, Netflix has so much stuff, you could pretty much turn it on now, start watching movies and TV shows continuously for the next 10 years and STILL not exhaust Netflix’s ridiculously huge content catalogue.

That’s assuming, of course, that Netflix doesn’t continue to lose licencing to content at the current rate. In the last year or so, I’ve noticed our Netflix queue dropped from just over 100 entries to 65. Admittedly this is still more than we’re going to watch in a reasonable amount of time, as we don’t really do binge watching, but it does make me wonder about the future of Netflix.

Found the robot!


It’s all fun and games until you win Netflix Premium Estonia.


This does seem a little… off. I really like BoingBoing and have read the site for years, but when I try and login with my standard BoingBoing login the page tells me it’s not the right combination of username/password and it all just seems a little… I dunno… phishy?

Hope I’m wrong?


Isn’t this a bit inappropriate so soon after the Day Against DRM that Cory was promoting here just a few days ago?

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You do indeed need to have a separate account for the “BoingBoing Store”. Your BBS credentials will not work there.

Also worth noting is that this same contest is probably being spread out over ever StackSocial site and odds are probably against any BoingBoing user winning.

Oh, oh, boy! Ten years of Netsux’s famous One-Star Movies. Neat-o! – ten years of crap-o!

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