Omniverse CEO rejects piracy accusations, claims that he has a legit, "mind-blowing" 100-year license to stream TV on the internet

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a legit, “mind-blowing” 100-year license

Roger That!


Read the whole thing and i’m not sure i understand what the big deal here is. It boils down to DirecTV and others having a problem with how they perceive is a misuse of licensing terms. They may or may not be in the right, Omniverse has a different interpretation of the licensing deal, and the 100 year deal is incidental and is not really salient to what the issue actually is. At least as far as what i could parse from the article.


Very disappointed by the new mandatory google tracking.

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The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo strikes again ?

Yeah that was not the most straightforward article and the boing boing excerpt was as clear as mud.


Is that what that is? I was reading another BB article about privacy, and got a pop up asking me to disable my adblocker

Maybe I am being paranoid and Google will play nice and not collect all the data that it can (lol). My reasoning is that the options are either to disable your ad blocker and see ads served by Google and hence be tracked by Google across multiple sites, or to pay for Google Contributor and additionally give Google your full identity when visiting Boingboing.

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Can we get a tracking exemption if we buy something from the BB store?

The law suit makes things a bit clearer:

The article does imply that the plaintiffs disagree about the meaning of an agreement with omniverse.

The lawsuit makes clear that as far as they are concerned DeMeo is a straight-up pirate. They assert that he has no license or any rights to be doing what he is doing.

He says he does and that it is based on this 100 year deal and that he’s going to show us all real soon.

His argument is that Hovsat has this 100 year deal with DirecTV which apparently allows Hovsat not only to provide TV from DirecTV nationwide but it also allows Hovsat to allow DeMeo/Omnivision to allow yet other people to provide TV and that Hovsat has done that.

So, the 100 year deal is the important one. Does that exist? Does it do what DeMeo claims?

I’d be dubious. If you had such a wonderful license, you’d have shown it to them already (he says he showed it others and they went away) and they would have referred to it in their filing. They do state that people involved in other litigation said that DeMeo told them he had licenses under which he was granting them rights - but refused to show them to them…

I’d think he’d have a fairly major problem in any event given that all of the entities that might have entered into some agreement with Hovsat are apparently no longer in existence - which rather begs the question about DeMeo’s claim that Omnivers has all the required licenses.

Omniverse One World Television, Inc. is listed but according to the court filing, that doesn’t actually exist any more.

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