Uh-oh: Cox Cable's insurer won't back them in court against BMG Music

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An insurance company trying to weasel out of their obligations?


I wonder - what is their endgame? It can’t be actually turning off the internet. Aside from impossible, that wouldn’t improve their profits one iota penny. My guess is turning the internet into a walled garden, like broadcast television, with a limited number of approved channels and advertisers. It still won’t stop copying, but at least it will provide the illusion of monopoly.

Or maybe they don’t have an endgame - maybe they’re just flailing.


Given the nature of today’s megacorporations and their directors, I’d say this is safe to be considered the null hypothesis.)


Yep. That’s been my guess too, for several years - that their fundamental view is that the internet is a broadcast medium, and possible to monopolise.


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