Join the Fastlane: hypothetical ISP from the cable company fuckery dystopia


On the plus side, ISP’s slowing down Counterspin and Democracy Now and other leftwing sites will radicalize more people on the left who’ve become vastly too complacent over the years.

Also hacking the 1%'s faster Internet and sending it to a crawl will be a fun past time for hacktivists, that’s for sure. DDoS attacks will be launched daily on unprecedented levels. Keep it up, FCC… For Cable Companies?


Personally, I think this is a fight for advertising revenue. Every site that wants to rake in serious ad dollars is going to need to present it in video or similar formats that require high speed Internet. If these sites are unwilling to “share” this revenue with the ISPs, they’ll be relegated to the slow lane where major advertisements will be impossible and so will their ad money dry up.

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I don’t think it’s even that complicated. It’s just bald-faced greed enabled by what is effectively a monopoly in most areas.

As ISP customers we’re paying for bandwidth.But the major ISPs figure since they have everyone over a barrel why not charge the providers of the content too.


makes me kinda wish loose source routing didn’t go by the wayside (well, it was sort of a monstrosity), so you could trombone your traffic off of ‘preferred’ or ‘un-metered’ hosts. not that i would do anything remotely that unethical…

‘Trombone’ is a verb now?

Ah, those wacky IT guys

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