Spectacular footage of desert ants versus antlion death traps

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These guys also live in the Southern US. As a kid I used to get a kick out of faking them out by dropping a few grains of sand into the pit, enough to cause a cascade that convinced the antlion that one of his prey had stumbled in. The antlion would start shooting at wherever he thought the critter was. It was also cool to watch them dig their pits… they dig with their asses.


“Deadly 60”, a kids TV show here in the UK, once showed a desert spider that spun a loose web on the sand, making a sand-blanket, then backflipped it over its head and hid under it like a sniper in a ghillie suit. It then waited for an ant to go by, grabbed it by leg, and held it down on the sand until it cooked it to death. Antlions are still cool though.

Man, it’s like the antlion is the angry pimp of the desert ecology.

ANTLION: Bitch, I’ma keep slappin’ you aroun’ till you come up with my money. Oh. Oh, shit, y’all gonna try runnin’ now? DON’T MAKE ME THROW THE MF SAND AND DRAG YO ASS BACK HERE. I WILL BITE YO DAMN THORAX CLEAN OFF.


Damn, Nature! You scary!


Not enough Snoop Dogg

They live pretty much everywhere ants live… very widely distributed. The adults are lacewings.

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An allegory for the human marriage ritual.

sigh Yeah. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to trudge down into this pit and have my head bitten off.

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“Priority warning: Perimeter restrictors disengaged. All stabilization delegates move to incursion hardpoints immediately.”

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