Spectacular meteor spotted in 15 states this morning

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/01/spectacular-meteor-spotted-in-15-states-this-morning.html

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Isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th time recently? Meteor 2020 shouldn’t be having so many rallies during a pandemic…


Meteorites have been found in even more unlikely locations, so I’m betting on the hunters I know who are already correlating data and triangulating where the pieces likely landed.


And they still probably wont find a remnant

110 years ago, my great-grandfather found this weird looking rock, and was convinced it was a meteorite. Members of my family on my mother’s side have been lugging around ever since. It must weigh at least 30lbs. My grandfather had it written up in the local newspaper in the 40’s. It’s been passed down through the generations, and now my older brother has it. He finally got it examined by an expert. It’s just a weird looking rock.


A lodestone, since they’ve been lugging it around for so long.


If you suspend it from a piece of rope, it always points Down.


Part of the difficulty of searching in that area is that there are weird out of place looking rocks everywhere. Just south of Youngstown would put it near the edge of the glaciated part of Ohio. If it hits a nice clean farm field maybe, but if it hits one of the gravel mines, good luck.

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Someone who saw it made a wish…

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