Spectacular nighttime volcanic eruption photo wins National Geographic's top prize


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That belongs on an 80s metal band album cover.


Or Tenacious D. Same difference.


Daang. Hephaestus and Zeus just going HAM over there.


The photo was later re-staged using vinegar and peroxide, a papier-mâché volcano from an old science fair project and shot with a googlepixel camera that resulted in 1,000 individual photographs. Each photo was then Photoshoped AF using the palette from a 1960’s Disney park brochure, levels and sharpness tweaked to make each one almost unrecognizable.

With everything re-assembled, the lightning was then added using Deluxe Paint IV.



All right Dr. Wysocki, this is getting out of hand now.


Thunderbolt and lightning.
Very, very frightening.






A metal band started that eruption.


I was gonna go with “Oh, that was at the Dethklok concert,” but y’all beat me to it.


Oh cool they offer desktop wallpapers. In 4:3 :joy:


Why not both?

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