Spice up your Waze with the "Chalmette HeyBrah" voice pack

Originally published at: Spice up your Waze with the "Chalmette HeyBrah" voice pack | Boing Boing

This will be great fun as Waze is trying to kill me by ordering an unprotected left turn across three lanes of traffic directly into an on-ramp which requires cutting over a solid white line and a last-second double-lane change, all because it saved 1.6 seconds on my route.

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This type of voice might be a partial remedy. Rather than the computer ‘ordering’ you to do something, it’s a friend/random hitchhiker giving directions.
You can go, ‘that’s crazy, brah. I’ma head up the road and grab a u-turn at the light instead’.

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I am convinced Waze is a secret forward action by the AI army to kill us all.


Hey, the robot cars can keep up (mostly); us meatbags gotta step it up! :joy:

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