You Are On The Fastest Available Route is a great dashcam horror short


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Ha! Reminds me of trying to drive through Parkersburg WV to get across the river. My GPS would flip out, give me mobius directions, stutter, and finally crash. That happened on two different trips. I’ve updated the maps since then, but haven’t been back to test it. Hopefully it now knows about the Northwestern Turnpike bridge.


A+++. Very well done.


Made me think of “Drive straight ahead” from the Wiretap podcast:


Brilliant stuff!


One of the creepy-pastas that really was made well and got me. Same with Ben drowned.


Love that channel. Found it through the Weather Service video, which is still my favorite. There’s something about those warning klaxons that trigger something really primal; hair raising, goosebumps, raised pulse. Reminds me a lot of various SCP creepypastas, though that makes sense since the creator also made the infamous Candle Cove creepypasta.


Once, me and my sister were driving from Alberta to Ontario, and for some reason our driving assist kept trying to have us cross the border to the states; the route had to be manually inputted until we hit a certain highway.


Usually there’s a toggle for routing across national borders, along with toll roads, ferry rides, etc.

Once, plotting a trip into New York state, it cheerfully routed me from the Peace Bridge Duty Free parking lot, Fort Erie, Ontario to just after customs in Buffalo, via Detroit. There was a tiny toll section coming back the way causing trouble. I switched off my computer and used the force for that stretch.


Because its faster to go through the USA.
We usually do that route because OMG that stretch from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay is deadly boring…


. . . that does not, thankfully, exist . . .

The station ID at the start of the video is WCLV-TV which (last I checked) is an entity that has a real-world existence value of greater than zero.

There may be sparse evidence for it online, but sparse does not mean nonexistent


Nicely done, very good!


Look, there’s a video game adaptation!


That was stupid. Just plain stupid.




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