Spirited Away's No-Face as a mechanical piggy bank

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That’s a fair price for an imported figurine, even without its bank-ness. I wouldn’t pay it, but the market disagrees.

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Kadrey’s manicure is impeccable.

I can’t get to it right now to check the pricing, but try

They carry just about everything collectible, wearable, eatable, etc., from Japan for export to the US. They may carry No-Face; I hope so.

Well that was a whole bunch of sex pillows and creepy figurines to have pop up on my work computer.


They have two sites. J-list is supposed to have general items; JBOX is one of their ‘weirder iterations’. It sounds like the latter popped up?

Try links from here. (In the far past we’d ordered Japanese ‘specialty’ food stuffs from the ‘list’ site… but the other site?)

I’ve just tried J-list. Something funny goin’ on with it.

Haha yep, I used the original link you provided. Yes, you can buy snacks and bento boxes and anime stuff, but it looks like it features it’s most “popular” items prominently on the front page… and let’s just say they don’t seem to be making most of their money off of Pocky.


Only $164! That’s chump change compared to trying to get something like this in the 70’s and 80’s.

Their email list is lots of fun!

They spelled it that way, but i have a vague feeling it should be “Noh”-Face (pun or noh)

There’s a certain authenticity - a hand-craftedness - in the actual Spirited Away movie that isn’t reflected in this injection-molded plastic mini monstrosity. I’d much rather have one carved out of wood.

If Spirited-Away’s No-Face were a mechanical piggy bank

Sounds like a weirdly apt description of Trump.

Hm. Things have changed.

Word to the wise: If ordering any food stuffs from them, make sure they know (before checking out) that any already expired items would be returned; we got burned a couple of times. (The problem is the US location that those things go through; they’re not checked beforehand.)

It looks to be going for around $110 on Amazon.co.jp It also seems to be sold out and only available from resellers.

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