Split-screen video of LA in the 40s and today

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Perhaps it’s just the novelty of the older scenes but everything seemed built to human scale. Locations were somehow warmer and more inviting…the trees and plant life softened the harder edges. For me the older buildings looked like places I’d like to explore or inhabit as opposed to colder efficiency-driven newer construction. Fun to look at…I wonder if anyone is filming current scenes that might look just as appealing perhaps for the viewer 70 years from now


That was fascinating. I’ve seen a million of those “then and now” photos of LA but it has more impact as a video.


Note the number of interesting residential buildings razed to create blank street frontage. That’s what kills cityscapes. 55 years after Jane Jacobs wrote Death and Life of Great American Cities it’s still being done. In my neighborhood.


For the first 2:30 the only building I could 100% say was there in both times was city hall off in the distance

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As previously seen on Boingboing.


What’s that building at 1:49 on the “today” side?

Love to do this in San Francisco.

Source material?


So cool! Thanks.
I need a mule. ;~}

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There is a set of books Silent Traces (Chaplin) Silent Echoes (Keaton) and Silent Visions (Lloyd) that track down the location shoots in Hollywood and surrounding areas with then and now pictures. They are quite fun to look through.

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