SpongeBob SquarePants sings Black Sabbath


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I was prepared to be excited but unfortunately a better title would be “Spongebob lip syncs to Black Sabbath”


You have any idea how hard it is to sync the lips to the music? This is a technical accomplishment!


i needed this today. thank you!


True. And i, for one, still enjoyed it for that and for the artistic editing. But can you not imagine the majesty of “War Pigs” in SpongeBob’s “actual” voice? I truly believe that it would not only be transcendent, but bring about transcendence in others.


Originally published in 2015 on boingboing by Mark Frauenfelder.


Now something that deserves a non-duplicate post is the McDonald’s themed Sabbath cover band, “Mac Sabbath”:

ETA: But of course, even that would be a duplicate:


New to me, so I’ll just say “God bless the Internet.”


I’m a goofy goober, yeah.


Thank you for that.


That’s as good as the Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup of “God’s Away on Business:”


I just love Bad Brains vs. Peanuts.


that was so awesome.



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