Music: "Frying Pan," Mac Sabbath

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Thanks for making this Monday bearable.

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Really should be on a double bill with The Pizza Underground…

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Entertaining… Yet I’m disappointed because I was hoping the “Mac” meant a Fleetwood Mac/Black Sabbath style mash. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear what it would have sounded like if Sabbath had written “Dreams”, or if Sweet Leaf featured the laid back vocal stylings of Christine McVie.


Now I’m hungry.

We saw Titanium Sporkestra at the Marin County Fair a year or two ago. They played a big brass and drums flaming tuba version of War Pigs that was amazballs.

What a cheesy shtick. Looks like a great show, educational too!

Amazing. Reminds me a bit of the one-off Limp Bizkit farce, courtesy of the largely-forgotten Green Jello:

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